Category Birthmonth Clubs

April Birthmonth Club

The Awesome April Birthmonth Club is the diamond of clubs!

August Club

The month clubs of Ebenezer Baptist Church were formed in 1960 by Martin Luther King, Jr. as a means of fellowship within the church and engagement of new members. As members join the church they become members of their birthmonth club. The Amazing August Club embraces the Church mission commitment to individual growth and social transformation by supporting activities that promote fellowship and service both within the Church and in the community.

December Club

December a joyous month of celebration!!

January Birth Month Club

The January Birth Month Club is a loving dedicated group of Ebenezer members born in the month of January driven by Ebenezer's mission to be dedicated to individual growth and social transformation by living in the message and carrying out the mission of Jesus Christ.

July Birthmonth Club

Come share with people that expresses their creativity to fellowship and support the vision and mission of Ebenezer Baptist Church. In the July birthmonth club, you will receive considerable compassion and countless laughter. Members born in the month of July, come join us today.

June Birthmonth Club

The Joyful June Birthmonth Club has been joyfully reaching out to its members and the community by participating in many of Ebenezer's church-wide events and programs that enable members to build relationships and connect with one another in the work of ministry. Come join the fellowship of members born in June!

March Club

The March Club of Ebenezer consist of members born in March. We come together for fellowship and to strengthen each other. We also administer to the sick and those in need. We raise funds for any necessary cause. We are always ready to comfort those in need.

May Birth-Month Club

The 'Marvelous' May Birth-Month Club, extends warm welcomes- for our church family who with birthdays in May. Our ministry, strives to exemplify the important of community service with hearts of service- and helping those less fortunate in life. Annually, the ministry fellowship with the Park-View Nursing Home residents during the Thanksgiving holiday to bring the 'Good News,' of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!.

November Birthmonth Club

The Jazzy November Birthmonth Club has quarterly meetings to plan community service activities and a fundraiser as well as to fellowship with one another. Annual events of the Club include a Palm Sunday service at the Sadie Mays Nursing Home and an August Service for the Sick & Shut-In. It holds an annual Jazz@Ebenezer concert each summer as a fundraiser for Ebenezer.

October Birthmonth Club

The October Club is one of the most visible auxiliaries within our church with many of their members holding leadership positions throughout our church body. Their yearly trips are some of the most sought after activities on the church's calendar. This year , the club will take an overnight trip in April, 2016 to Radium Springs, near Albany, GA. Details to follow soon.

Sensational September Club

Consistent with the mission of Ebenezer Baptist Church,our primary objective is the growth of our members through leadership, service, christian witness, fellowship and educational support.