Category Missionary Union

Azzie Lee Neal Mission Circle

The Azzie Lee Neal Mission Circle visits the sick, feeds the hungry, and cares for those in need.

Carrie Dean Boston Mission Circle

The Carrie Dean Boston Mission Circle is part of the Church's larger Women's Missionary Union. It is open to women and men of all ages. Members of the Circle seek to care for the sick and shut-in in the Church as well as in local and international communities.

Circle of Faith

Every 3rd Sunday, the Circle of Faith coordinates and serve beauty shop care for the women of Sadie Mays Rehabilitation Center. Also every other 3rd Saturday we are joined with the Brotherhood to serve barber shop services for men of Sadie Mays. Throughout, the rest of the year we serve other resident organizations.

Ebenezer Missionary Union

The EbenezerMissionary Union is comprised of 11 mission circles whose primary purpose is to glorify and serve God. As missionaries we accept God's great commission to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. We are "Called to Love", devoting much of our missions to those facing challenging times in our church, and in our local and global communities.

Esther Jean Roberts Circle

The Esther Jean Roberts Circle (EJRC) supports the mission work of Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. Domestically, EJRC provides items for the Grady Hospital Nursery. Internationally, the Circle supports impoverished communities by providing monetary support both for the digging of wells that provide safe, clean drinking water and for the purchasing of animals and vegetables seeds that help these communities support and sustain themselves.

Janie B Lowe Missionary Circle

The Janie B. Lowe Missionary Circle was organized by a small group of Faithful Saints in May of 1980 as circle number 8 out of the 11 circles that make up the Ebenezer Baptist Church Missionary Union. Our circle is serving the community with a purpose by providing support to the Sick and Shut-in, Genesis Shelter, Atlanta Medical Center (infants) and various other Community Outreach Projects. The Janie B. Lowe Missionary Circle is dedicated to the purpose of The Ebenezer Missionary Union in alignment with the mission of Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Jennie C. Williams Circle

The Jennie C. Williams Circle, named for Jennie C. Williams, grandmother of Dr. Christine King Farris, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Alfred Daniel Williams King, is one of 11 circles which make up the body of The Women's Missionary Union. The members actively participate in the EBC prison ministry, serve as volunteer leaders of the EBC Girl and Boy Scout Troops, mentors young adults charged with misdemeanor, non-violent, offenses who have been directed by the court to participate in the Ishmael's Promise program, visits the sick and shut-in, and supports all other WMU functions wherever needed.

Lizzie P. Thomas Mission Circle

Together We Worship...Together We Serve! The mission of the Lizzie P. Thomas Mission Circle (LPT) is to provide mission-oriented service through worship, witness, and the willingness to spread God's love. LPT is one of 11 circles that comprise the Women's Missionary Union (WMU).

Mary Beth Slade Missionary Circle

Acts 1:8b And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.