Care of Creation (Environmental Ministry)

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Location: 101 Jackson Street, Atlanta GA 30312
Phone: 4046887300
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The Care of Creation embraces one of the most important missions of Christian church, the care of our environment and its people.  God has entrusted man to be good stewards of his creation including the air, land and water and its people. This Care manifests itself in all that we do and how we live such that impacts on our planet are minimized.  Our ministry truly believes that we are required to make wise choices of energy, treatment of our air and water, what we buy and how we use our land. 
Our faith principles for the Creation Care Ministry include:
  • Stewardship; responsible use of God's creation; 
  • Community of Life; understanding our role in the interdependent  ecosystem; 
  • Justice; working to ensure fair usage and distribution of resources; and 
  • Awe; recognizing the fingerprint of the divine in our created work.  

We implement these principles through education; advocacy and policy; implementation of measure to reduce our environmental impacts as a congregation; and maintaining a constant and genuine presence to identify and prevent disproportionate environmental  impacts on marginalized communities we serve. 

Our ministry needs your help to support the various programs in the church and community.  If you are interested in volunteering, click the Volunteer Now button!