Celebration Mass Choir

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Location: 101 Jackson St., Atlanta, GA 30312
Phone: 4046887300
Email address: ebcworshiparts@gmail.com (send email)


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Come, let’s shout praises to God, raise the roof for the Rock who saved usLet’s march into his presence singing praises, lifting the rafters with our hymns!  

(Psalm 95:1-2, MESSAGE)


The Celebration Mass Choir is comprised of all of the vocal groups within the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church Worship & Arts Ministry (Praise Team, Singing Sisters, JL Roberts, Jr. Men's Chorus, MLKingSr Choir, Church Choir, and Youth and Young Adults).  The Celebration Choir typically comes together for special banner days of the liturgical and church calendar year:  King Sunday, Church Anniversary, Family and Friends Day, Easter, Homecoming, Christmas, etc. In addition, this choir serves as a short-term ministry outlet for congregants and those in the community who are unable to serve as active members of the current singing ministries.  Persons interested in singing with the Celebration Mass Choir are encouraged to contact Dr. Tony McNeill, Director of Worship & The Arts, for updates on rehearsals and ministry opportunities.  Email: EBCWorshipArts@gmail.com   Tel: 404-688-7300, Ext. #234.

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Varies. Please contact the Worship & Arts Office for updated calendar of Celebration Mass Choir rehearsals and ministry opportunities.  EBCWorshipArts@gmail.com or 404-688-7300, ext. #234.

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Schedule of rehearsals and ministry opportunities varies.  Please contact the EBC Worship & Arts Office for updated calendar.  EBCWorshipArts@gmail.com or 404-688-7300, ext. #234.

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Short-term commitment involved.  Terms varies depending on ministry needs.  Please contact the EBC Worship & Arts Office for updated calendar.  EBCWorshipArts@gmail.com or 404-688-7300, ext. #234.