I Have A Dream

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Location: 101 Jackson St., Atlanta, GA 30312
Phone: 4046887300
Email address: ihad.adw@gmail.com (send email)


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"I Have A Dream" - A. D. Williams Chapter

In 2001, Ebenezer Baptist Church and St. Luke's Episcopal Church formed a partnership to nurture 60 at-risk second graders from A. D. Williams Elementary School, supporting their educational/career goals and providing college tuition assistance.  IHAD offers mentoring, tutoring, life skills and enrichment activities.  Volunteers serve as Dreamer Coaches, Life Skills and Enrichment Workshop Facilitators and Employment Support.

Meeting Dates

Third Saturday events sponsored monthly; quarterly Advisory Board meetings; Meets with Ishmael's Promise monthly on Saturday before 2nd Sunday.

Sponsored Events

Annual events include Dreamer Conference, Summer Retreat, Life Skills & Career Fairs, Christmas party and End of Year Award Ceremony.

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