Lillie Bell Memorial Usher Board

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The Lillie Bell Memorial Usher Board was organized in the early 1940's with Barbara Lowe serving as the President and Mrs. Lillie Coleman Bell serving as Advisor.  The board at that time was known as the Junior Usher Board.  As the members grew older, the board was changed to the Young Adult Usher Board.  After the death of Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Norma Denham served as Advisor to the board.  During the latter 1950's, the board's name was changed to the Lillie Bell Memorial Usher Board in honor of Mrs. Bell who served as the first Advisor to this group of young doorkeepers.  Persons serving as Presidents in subsequent years have been Gwendolyn Shephard, Bobbie Barksdale, and Malinda King O'Neal.  Malinda King O'Neal assumed the leadership as Advisor to the board during the mid 1950's and has served in this capacity during the 1960's after her return from Scotland.  Deacon John Brannon, a charter member, still serves on the Lillie Bell Memorial Usher Board.