November Birthmonth Club

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Location: Ebenezer Educational Building
Phone: 4043467294
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The twelve Birthmonth Clubs at Ebenezer Baptist Church were created by the assistant co-pastor, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as a way of introducing new members to the congregation. Members of the club would become a “first friend”. The social clubs of the church have been long standing ministries since they were introduced during the 1960s.  Although, the clubs were designed for socializing, each Birthmonth Club operates a little differently. All have common goals. The clubs reach out to the community with yearly projects, support each other in sickness and bereavement, participate in all church activities (as a group and as individuals), and sponsor other club-related activities that provide opportunities for members to interact with each other.

The Jazzy November Birthmonth Club has quarterly meetings to plan community service activities and a fundraiser as well as to fellowship with one another. Annual events of the Club include a Palm Sunday service at the Sadie Mays Nursing Home and an August Service for the Sick & Shut-In. It holds an annual Jazz@Ebenezer concert each summer as a fundraiser for Ebenezer.