Ebenezer Missionary Union

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Location: 101 Jackson St., Atlanta, GA 30312
Phone: 4046887300
Email address: ebcwmu@gmail.com (send email)


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Mission:  Mission, Vision, Scripture Goes here

Ebenezer's Missionary Union (WMU) promotes missions locally and globally in support of the ministries of the church, rendering to the needs of the sick and shut-in members and to the local and global communities.

The EbenezerMissionary Union is comprised of 11 mission circles whose primary purpose is to glorify and serve God.  As missionaries we accept God's great commission to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ in the world.  We are "Called to Love".
Throughout the year WMU serves lunch at the Genesis Shelter for homeless families; provides hair care services to the men and women at the Sadie G. Mays Nursing Home; supports the prison ministries through evangelism and financial contributions; giving book scholarships to rising college freshmen; participates in global mission projects identified by the leadership such as providing finances to dig wells in Haiti and sponsoring mission trips to Africa; and collaborating with other church organizations who do mission work.

General Meeting 
Meeting are held Monday after third Sunday of every month beginning at 6:00pm

Sponsored Events

Annual Cottage Prayer Retreat - (4th Saturday in March or Saturday week prior to Easter) 

Annual WMU Sunday - 4th Sunday in May 

Roses In Action Sunday - 4th Sunday in October 

Grief and Loss Program - Monday after 3rd Sunday in December

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